A comprehensive explanation of all the workings and issues around late model CRD engines, EGR valves, Injectors, Catch Cans, DPF filters, and a whole lot more.

Learning to Love your Common Rail Diesel

A guide to correct operation, maintenance, performance modifications and ultimately cost savings.

The article is primarily a discussion around how to increase the longevity of CRD engines and an introduction to Performance Enhancements.

Once a vehicle is 5 years old, its emissions no longer count in the calculation of any nations total emissions output!
Hence, engine manufacturers have developed emission systems to keep the engine compliant for 5 years, which in Australia works out to around 150,000kms.

Beyond 5 years, the emissions don’t count, (and in many countries there a very few cars 5 years old or older), so there is little interest in the years beyond. However, in Australia, the average vehicle age is just over 10 years.

At around 150,000kms, (and sometimes a lot earlier if a vehicle does a lot of short trips), the detrimental effects of poorly engineered emission systems can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance – cracked heads, cracked and worn pistons, blown out head gaskets, a lot of labour time, chemicals and parts are consumed in the process of restoring good health to these engines.

We are often called upon to diagnose issues with CRD engines and rectify problems, once they have occurred, however PREVENTION is the best cure.

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