ARB has been the market leader for decades, and as such, has often been copied with lesser quality replicas. For Bull Bars, the use of thinner low quality steel, lighter chassis mountings without engineering, construction features the unwitting buyer may not be aware of, but the experienced eye will note these shortcomings. For instance, ARB bars are winch rated, not just winch compatible.

With other 4×4 accessories, it can be more difficult to measure the differences, as the part may need to be disassembled to view the componentry.

Please read the article, ‘Worth the Wait’, and when you’re contemplating your next accessory purchase, from a simple self-interest perspective, consider and compare the effort and expertise ARB put into their range of products.

And if that is not enough to sway you, think from a national interest, how many direct and indirect domestic jobs are being created and maintained by the ARB organization.

There are 70 employed in the R&D section alone!

Do a comparison to other 4WD accessory companies and marketers, ask where their products are designed and manufactured. Ask how many engineers they have within
the organisation?

If they don’t have any, you know they are simply coping product and importing it.

Disappointingly, you will soon find that most, if not all, do not have even one Australian bolt or one hour of Australian labour in their entire range.

Worth the Wait

Over more than four decades, ARB has built a reputation for producing the best 4WD accessory equipment in the world – bar none.

This reputation is built around a philosophy of improving the adventure experience for ARB customers and ensuring the gear they equip their vehicles with will help to take them to some of the world’s most amazing places, in some of the harshest environments on earth, and get them safely back home again.

The key to producing the world’s best 4WD equipment comes down to several factors, not least of which is a true passion for off road adventure, backed by an incredible investment in research, development and engineering integrity.

Developing new products is no easy task and with 4WD vehicles more popular than ever, ARB’s product range is rapidly growing. ARB strives to get new product to market as soon as possible, even purchasing vehicles in overseas markets and shipping them to its Melbourne HQ to get a jump on development before those vehicles are released locally. But rather than rushing products to market to simply satisfy customer demand, nothing leaves the ARB factory until there is certainty it will be capable of handling the rigours of extreme off road travel.

Remember this the next time you want to kit out your new vehicle with 4WD accessories: ARB equipment is worth the wait.

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