LOG Book & Comprehensive 4WD Servicing

Log Book Servicing for 4WD vehicles still under OE Manufacturer’s Warranty can be performed by our Qualified Experienced Team, while still maintaining the Statutory New Car Warranty.

LOG Book & Comprehensive 4WD Servicing

LOG Book & Comprehensive 4WD Servicing

Car Dealers cannot limit their Statutory New Car Warranty obligations or claim it is not valid only because it was not serviced within the dealer network.

If the vehicle is appropriately serviced, complying with the manufacturers specifications, “by the book”, at a Service Centre business that employs Qualified Technicians, using genuine or equivalent quality parts, then the Statutory Warranty conditions are met.

We meet all these conditions by employing Qualified Staff, using branded products that meet stringent standards that are covered by a National Warranty scheme.

Our Service Centre is a well equipped workshop with a wide range of specialised equipment for all aspects of 4WD mechanical repair and service. Importantly, the people that work on your 4WD vehicle are experienced 4WD travellers.

  • 4WD Diesel Specialist
  • Trained Technicians
  • Latest Tools & Equipment
  • Skilled Problem Diagnosis
  • 4WD Workshop & Repairs
  • Pre-Purchase & Pre-Trip Inspections
  • ARB 4×4 Outfitter
  • Remote Destination Vehicle Preparation
  • Courtesy Cars available on Request
Comprehensive or Major 4WD Service

The Major Service is a Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Service. All aspects of the vehicle are either Inspected, Adjusted, Lubricated or Tightened, depending on the vehicle manufacturers Service Regime.

The initial test drive, in 2WD and 4WD, will alert our experienced Technicians to any issues they need check once the vehicle is in the workshop. Experience counts.

All fluids are changed, engine oil & filter, driveline oils, brake and clutch fluid, coolant, fuel filter replaced, wheel bearings re-greased with new seals. All mountings, like engine and transmission mounts, body mounts, bull bar, UVP, rear bars and spare wheel carriers are checked, a 70 Point Comprehensive Mechanical Inspection, are all part of this service.

There are a number of reasons why people don’t perform a major service on time.

Firstly, many people are simply unaware of the need to do so and this is particularly true for many new owners who’s expectation of a service regime is built around previously owned 2WD’s. (remember there are 2 gearboxes and 2 diffs – however ‘car’ like modern 4WD’s are being made to drive, the modern turbo diesel 4WD is more complicated than ever!)

Secondly, very few people will schedule the cost of a major service prior to sale. Once sold, the new owner is commonly told by the sales person that the dealership has inspected and serviced the vehicle, so no need to worry. However, the second hand dealership service is unlikely to be a comprehensive or major service, preparing the vehicle for outback touring trips or a long towing holiday!

A third reason is that people who rarely go “off road” often assume that their vehicle doesn’t need it, or they plan on it being done before their next major excursion – possibly next winter!

If you would like any further information or to discuss a service regime for your 4×4, please make contact with one of our experienced staff.

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