Pre-Purchase 4WD Vehicle Inspections

Why have a Comprehensive 4WD Mechanical Inspection?
Buying a second hand 4WD can be overwhelming. Normal wear & tear, poor service history, driver abuse, emission system failures or unforeseen deterioration of internal components can all affect the longevity and running costs of a vehicle.

With almost twice as many mechanical components compared to a 2WD, the chance of having mechanical problems is a lot greater. If you are planning a purchase or an extended trip, then let our experienced Technicians perform a Comprehensive Pre-Purchase or Pre-Trip Inspection to alleviate your stress and worry.

4WD Vehicle Inspections
Summary Result
  • to provide a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle
  • to highlight any future mechanical repairs
  • to expose any immediate mechanical problems
  • to establish suitability for purchase
What is covered by our Comprehensive Inspection?

The Comprehensive Inspection enables you to gain an unbiased evaluation of the mechanical condition of the vehicle. We have years of experience in service & maintenance of a wide range of 4WD’s, plus accessory fitting, hence our Technicians are abreast of any issues that may arise with a new purchase or planned arduous 4WD excursion.

All our inspections cover and report on the following areas

  • Road test & performance check
  • Engine & under bonnet
  • Fuel system, injectors & fuel pump
  • Suspension (springs, shockers & bushes)
  • Gearbox & clutch assembly
  • Transfer case & drive shafts
  • Brakes, pads, shoes & disks
  • Air conditioning & heating system
  • Interior & convenience items
  • Belts, hoses, radiator, coolant & water pump
  • Turbo charger condition (if applicable)
  • Wheels, tyres & alignment
  • Differentials (both front & rear)
  • Oil levels & condition
  • Electrical & auxiliary equipment
  • Steering components & damper
  • A 70 Point Full Written Report is provided to you, detailing all components checked and their condition. One of our Sales or Technician Team will discuss the report with you in detail, recommending any further investigations or repairs that may be required.

If you would like any further information or to discuss a Comprehensive Inspection for your 4×4, please make contact with one of our experienced staff.

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