4WD Intercooler Kits

We offer a range on 4×4 Intercoolers for 4WD vehicles, factory replacement and Performance Upgrades.

The torque increase delivered by fitting a Top or Front Mount 4WD Intercooler Kit to a turbo diesel 4WD can be substantial. The engine generates greater output due to the gains in efficiency derived from the reduced ambient temperature of the inducted air, plus increased airflow. The reduced temperature allows the use of higher fuel load and Boost Pressure settings to achieve even greater output and efficiency.

If you want to run boost over 10 or 12psi, a 4WD Intercooler Kit or Performance Upgrade Intercooler replacement becomes a must have.

Higher Boost means more air, means more fuel to make the mixture balanced. More fuel means more heat, so the air intake temperature is reduced by virtue of the intercooler.

Below 10psi boost, you can fit an 4WD Intercooler if you want, but there is no major gain in performance or fuel economy. At pressures below 10psi, intake temperatures will be lower, so combustion temperatures will be lower, it’s not really necessary to fit an intercooler.

Note: Engine running temperature will be unaffected as the thermostat regulates coolant temperature.

Top Mount Intercooler Kits are not as efficient as Front Mount Intercooler Kits, due to the radiation of heat from the engine into the intercooler core. The electric fan and bonnet scoop supplied will direct air through the core but instead of the cooling effect actually cooling the intake air, a lot of the cooling effect is lost cooling the Bar and Plate core itself.

However, if you have a Bull Bar &/or Winch and Lights etc fitted at the front, you are going to get better airflow from a Top Mount Intercooler Kit. Unlike a Front Mount Intercooler, the Top Mount Intercooler won’t get clogged with mud or seeds – being so high.

Front Mount Intercooler Kits are located immediately behind the grille, so there is almost no transfer of heat from the engine or engine bay into the intercooler core – a common problem with Top Mount Intercoolers.

Similar heat reductions are achieved to the Water-Air Intercooler Kits over approximately 70km/hr. Intake air temperatures can be reduced to as low as 15degrees above ambient. This makes the Bar and Plate Front Mount Intercooler Kit very cost effective for similar torque gains.

Water to Air Intercooler Kits have the advantage of improved thermodynamic efficiency due to the liquid-air heat exchange. Their close proximity to the intake manifold means there is no opportunity for reheating of the compressed air or reducing airflow through the radiator (like a Front Mount Intercooler kit may), plus performance is not related to vehicle speed.

Another advantage can be a simple installation, as only 19mm heater hose is used, rather than 50 to 75mm air hose. However, electrolysis effects can corrode the heat exchanger cores on Water Air Intercoolers, allowing the fluid to enter the combustion chamber. This is not common, but can happen, more so on older vehicles or vehicles that have had a collision repair. Typically where body earthing may be poor.

We only recommend Water Air Intercooler kits in limited applications.

The end result of fitting an Upgrade 4WD Intercooler Kit, no matter which option, is an engine with more torque, greater flexibility through the RPM range, predictable smooth power with equivalent reliability and comparable engine life.

  • Top & Front Mount Styles available
  • Variety of sizes
  • Bar and Plate Intercooler Cores
  • TIG Welded Construction
  • Billet CNC machined adaptors
  • Silicon Hoses and clamps
  • Complete Kit
  • DIY Instructions
  • Experienced Technicians available for fitting
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty

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