ARB Electronic Accessories

The ARB Linx is an integrated expandable system that replaces traditional dash and cabin mounted switches, gauges and monitors.

The compact touchscreen display (the visible screen) is used to control a variety of accessories. The switchboard module (discretely mounted, usually behind the dash or under the centre console), controls the functionality.

The Control Modules from
  • Front & Rear Air Locker
  • On-Board Compressor
  • Main Battery Voltage
  • Auxiliary Battery Voltage
  • Trailer Battery Voltage
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Speed
  • Direction/Compass
  • Altitude
  • Air Suspension
  • Vehicle Lighting
  • Camp Lighting
  • Fridge Power
  • Power Outlets

The ARB Linx interface is an expandable platform that continues to develop, with new modules constantly being released.

Other Electronic accessories include:
  • Range of Reverse Cameras and monitoring systems
  • Hema Navigation Systems HX1
  • GME radios: XRS-370, XRS-330, TX4500S
  • PLB – Personal Locating Beacons
  • TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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