ARB Fridge Freezers

From fishing, weekend camping to serious 4×4 Touring, ARB has a range of 5 portable Fridge Freezers to suit a myriad of situations.

ARB Fridge Connect App
The ARB Fridge Connect App will transmit the current temperature, battery input voltage and compressor status direct to your mobile phone running the ARB Fridge Freezer App or LINX unit.

The App is compatible with

  • Elements
  • Classic Series 1 Blue
  • Classic Series II Black allows the App full control of the fridge
ARB Fridge Accessories
Fridge Freezer App Connect
Wireless Remote Monitor Systems
Protective Covers Transit Bags
HD extendable Slides (even over-length)
Wiring Loom
Tie Downs
Permanent Mounting Systems
Elements 60L Weatherproof Fridge Freezer
Elements 60L Weatherproof Fridge Freezer

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions.

External features

  • 304 grade Stainless Steel Exterior body
  • Fully waterproof Exterior
  • Anodised Aluminium over-centre Latches
  • Stainless Steel tamper proof Hinges
  • Recessed space saving Carry Handles
  • Moulded edge covers to protect Lid & Body
  • Tamper proof assembly bolts
  • Recessed power receivers
  • Sealed Control Panel, partially covered by Lid when closed
  • Programmable 4-digit PIN required to access Control Panel

Internal features

  • Full height evaporator on both main & secondary cabinets
  • Increased Insulation thickness for extra efficiency
  • Removable Basket Divider
  • Slimline LED interior Light
  • Drain Plug in cabinet for easy cleaning
Series II Classic Fridge Freezer Range
Series II Classic Fridge Freezer Range

Superseding the Classic Series I Blue range is the Series II Black. The new range has all the features of the Series I, plus an advanced electronic control system that allows full remote control of the Fridge through the ARB Fridge Freezer App.

Internal features

  • Secop/Danfoss Compressor – Reliable
  • Reversable basket with divider – Efficient storage
  • LED interior light linked to lid being opened – Convenience
  • Integrated drain plug in bottom of cabinet – Simple cleaning
  • Integrated evaporator around the interior cabinet – Space efficiency
  • Separate compartment for fruit and dairy – Promotes longevity of food
  • Integrated Battery Protection Systems – Prevents battery discharge

External features

  • Powder coated steel casing – Durable
  • Lid has integrated recessed seal – Minimises wear
  • Detent Hinge – Easy removal for cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Hinge – Durable
  • Simple yet strong over-centre latch – Cooling efficiency
  • Recessed handles – Space saving tie down points
  • Rubber feet – Stable anti-slip
  • Powder socket clips – prevents power cord disconnection

The Range

  • 35Li Typically used as a dedicated Freezer on long remote
  • Touring trips, in compact SUVs and in Trucks
  • 47Li Most Popular capacity, often used with small families
  • 60Li Lower profile makes this model more compatible with Drawer Systems, for larger families and longer trips
  • 78Li For the very thirsty!

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