Catch Can & Auxiliary Fuel Filters

We have been working on 4×4 vehicles for over 45 years, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. The Service Centre and Fault Diagnosis experience leads us to strongly recommend fitting a FUEL MANAGER Auxiliary Fuel Filter and PROVENT baffled Catch Can to all Common Rail Diesel (CRD) engines.

The FUEL MANAGER Auxiliary Fuel Filter

The FUEL MANAGER Auxiliary Fuel Filter, will prevent water entering the injection system and the ‘common rail. If water does enter the system, it displaces the lubricating diesel oil, resulting in rapid wear of the pump, but more particularly, the injectors.

CRD injectors cost in the vicinity of $2500 to replace on four cylinder models, nearly double that on the Landcruiser 4.5Li V8 TDi, hence it is well work spending a few $100 on prevention.

Similarly, the PROVENT Catch Can will trap the oil from the fumes coming from the engine breather, the pipe coming out of the rocker cover and feeding into the air intake. This oil flows through the turbocharger, the intercooler and inlet manifold on its way back into the combustion chamber. This process reduces efficiency and increases emissions.

Regular chemical cleaning of the EGR and inlet manifold, often referred to as ‘de-carbonising’ the air intake, will help limit the problem, but prevention is the best option for engine longevity, and a relatively small investment will extend the life of the engine.

For a comprehensive explanation of all the workings and issues around late model CRD engines, EGR valves, Injectors, Catch Cans, DPF filters, and a whole lot more, please read our Blog posts, videos and read the article:

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Auxiliary Filters

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