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4WDing is about Traction. Extra power is great, but useless if it’s not getting to the ground.

Wheels with less resistance will get the drive, so when a wheel comes off the ground, (which could be due to terrain induced weight transfer or limited suspension travel for example), OR there is a significant difference in the traction from wheel to another, ie one is on slippery mud and the other on hard rock for instance, OR too much power is applied, then the wheel with the least resistance will get all the drive, the wheel with traction doesn’t. A poor result for an offroad vehicle, it may stop or at least lose speed.

4WD vehicles traditionally came with Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) in the rear. This is gradually changing to standard open differential centres as the various OE ‘traction control’ programs are introduced.

The standard open centre provides no assistance to traction, the LSD centre provides limited gains via friction between the LSD plates (by various methods depending on the manufacturer), and Traction Control systems are disengaged when offroad gearing is selected – so they’re no help at all!

This is why a Differential Locker is needed. We recommend the ARB Air Locker, and the Harrop ELocker as both don’t effect on-road driving characteristics while providing 100% Traction when engaged.


Airlocker uses an air pressure driven sliding frame inside the carrier to grasp the rear side of one of the side gears, hence locking the rear planetary gears.

ARB Air-Locking differentials allow you to tackle the toughest terrain with confidence, as the world’s premium selectable locker.

With a selectable ARB Air Locker, the driver can engage and lock the front differential for added confidence and traction. It will allow you to drive difficult terrain at a slow and controlled speed improving passenger comfort, reducing track damage and drivetrain wear.

Locking the front differential on many models will also substantially increase 3rd member strength resulting in perfect pinion and
crown wheel tooth contact regardless of the load applied reducing torsional flex and increasing reliability.

  • Provides 100% traction on demand without affecting on-road drivability or driveline wear
  • Vastly improved traction means less reliance on momentum, thus reducing likelihood of vehicle damage and environmental impact
  • Easy, convenient operation allows the user to concentrate on the terrain without leaving the comfort and safety of the driver’s seat
  • Ultra durable and extremely strong – only the highest quality materials used in construction
  • Incredibly simple yet effective design that employs minimal moving parts, thereby ensuring maximum reliability
  • Thoroughly tested and proven design – trusted and used in over 100 countries around the world
  • Patented ‘timed’ locking mechanism offers high strength with ultrafast locking and un-locking
  • Steel reinforced, elastomer bonded annular seal designed to handle the most extreme climatic temperatures on Earth
  • The OE recommended oil for the differential is suitable for Air Locker, and any additive is also compatible.
  • Complete Kit DIY
  • Comprehensive DIY Instructions
  • Experienced Technicians available for fitting
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty

ELocker uses Eatons patented electromagnetic locking centre to lock one side gear inside the carrier. Once one side gear is locked, the other planetary gears cannot rotate, and the effect is to lock the two axles together. AirLocker works on the same principle but uses air pressure from an on-board compressor instead of an electromagnetic force.

The Elocker performs as an open differential when not locked, meaning it has no effect on driveability. With the push of a button there is virtually instant locking, and the precision-forged gears lock to provide a 50-50 power split to each wheel.

Suitable for Front and/or Rear application, but like all manually engaged diff locks, has limited steerability when fitted to the front.

The ELocker centre replaces the existing centre, in effect the ring gear or crown wheel is swapped to the new ELocker carrier.

Allow for carrier bearings to be fitted, it will save time/cost if a bearing is damaged while being removed from the original carrier.

The crown & pinion gear relationship does change and the mesh or backlash needs to be adjusted to finalise the installation.

The OE recommended oil for the differential is suitable for Elocker, and any additive is also compatible.

Complete Kit
  • Comprehensive DIY Instructions
  • Experienced Technicians available for fitting
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty

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