ECU Custom Re-Map, Exhausts and Tuning

GO 4×4 can Custom Re-Map your diesel 4WD vehicle, providing increased power, torque, economy with better driveability and response. A Custom Diesel Tune to improve performance from your tow vehicle, tradie ute or off-roader is tailored to suit your needs, with the same vehicle having many different tunes, depending on use. Every Diesel Tune is provided with a 2 Year Unlimited Km Engine & Tune Warranty.

We specialise in Common Rail Diesel tuning or Re-Mapping, providing a custom user-specific tune to diesel 4WD vehicles, diesel cars and machinery.

It is not a preset package tune from Russia or Europe (where air temperatures are vastly different to Australia), that is then downloaded into your ECU in a flash. Nor is it a “plug-in” or “solder-in” chip.

Diesel Re-Mapping optimises performance for the same or less fuel. The Diesel Tune is setup according to your use of the vehicle. You’ll need to advise us what you use it for, and what you find lacking.

For example: Towing a Van occasionally, Towing a Heavy Tradie Trailer every day, carrying a Water or Fuel Tank for a Fire Unit – there are so many uses, the tunes vary substantially.

Our focus is drivability, widening the useful RPM range, to change the entire feel of the vehicle.

To achieve this, we go into the ECU and change hundred’s of tune settings – the relationship of fuel, air, timing sensors (MAS, MAP, Crank Angle, TPS, EGR, Boost, Cam Timing, Injector Timing and Pressure, AFR’s) – a myriad of networking that generates the factory tune.
As you can see from our 2018 VDJ79 Dual Cab, Stage 3 Kit, there is a dramatic increase in useable torque. 325 to 622nm. That’s a 92% increase!

Power lifts from 109kw to a respectable 144kw, and this is achieved with less fuel.

You can see the red line on all graphs is obviously the ‘After’ performance. Power and Torque are obvious.

The AFR is Air Fuel Ratio. The higher the line the more Air, ie less Fuel load, leaner mixture. Most tunes achieve a 5-15% fuel saving, but the maximum possible is 40%. In theory it could pay for itself over time, but you wouldn’t do a re-map just to achieve better fuel economy.

If you run down the graphs at the same RPM, you can see the red line is above the blue in the AFR’s and all other specs: Power, Torque,

Boost are up while Fuel Load is down, all the way to 2300rpm. All happening at the same time. And even when the AFR’s drop below the standard setting, it’s not by much.
It’s not magic, it’s using the existing ECU and sensors, just changing how they interrelate to each other.

Tune Options
Stage 1 Tune Only
Stage 2 Stage 1 plus DPF back Exhaust Kit
Stage 3 Stage 1 plus Turbo back Exhaust Kit
Stage 4 Stage 3 plus Hi-Flow Turbo Upgrade
Stage 5 Stage 4 plus High Capacity Intercooler Upgrade
Stage 6 Stage 5 plus High Flow Injector Upgrade

To protect your investment, we retain the factory built-in ECU safeguards that protect your engine and driveline. We take a back-up copy of the original and new tunes, dual storing them at different sites. If it was ever needed, we can restore the original tune.

ERU Graphs

We also provide a 2 Year Unlimited Km Engine & Tune Warranty.

  • Up to 40% Fuel Savings*
  • Up to 40% Power Increase*
  • Up to 90% Torque Increase*
  • Improved AFR’s – Air Fuel Ratio
  • Reduced Exhaust Gas Temperature – EGT
  • Smoother Throttle Response
  • EGR & DPF can be Removed or Shutdown**
  • 2 Year Unlimited Km Engine & Driveline Warranty

*Model Dependent, in combination with Snorkel & Exhaust Replacement
** Off-Road Use Only

Our GO 4×4 ECU Re-map is a custom tune that can get up to 90% extra torque, up to 40% increase in power, up to 40% better fuel economy. But not all at the same time. It depends on the Re-Map settings we install as where the final tune sits. Other factors like hiflow exhaust replacements, high capacity Armax Snorkels also have a dramatic effect on the final result. But in the end, there will be significant gains in all 3 facets of the power, torque and economy.

Great Power & Torque Gains
Increased Towing Ability
Smoother Running
Re-Programming the factory ECU
Not a simple bolt-in ‘chip’

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