Long Range Fuel Tanks

When Touring in remote locations, additional fuel is essential. The ARB range of Long Range Fuel Tanks has been developed over many years, allowing travelers to dramatically increase their driving range, their freedom of movement and level of comfort when touring, not sweating over the distance to the next fuel stop!


The greater capacity also allows cost savings, with the ability to bypass more expensive outlets. Other considerations when contemplating fitting a Long Range Fuel Tank is the preferential low weight distribution, the convenience and the inherent safety aspects – compared to fuel in jerry cans high on a roof rack and the transfer of fuel from cans into the tank.

ARB manufactures the Frontier Replacement Fuel Tank for a range of 4WD vehicles.

Each Frontier Tank is designed and manufactured specifically for each model of vehicle, fitting clearances, ground clearance, approach and departure angles are uncompromised. The molded shape fits around vehicle components that traditional steel tanks usually avoid.

Note: Read the Article ‘Worth the Wait’, (on our website, go4x4.com.au), to appreciate how ARB’s R&D department 3D scans the underside of each new model vehicle.

Frontier Tank advantages

  • No long term corrosion
  • No welds to crack or leak
  • Much thicker material
  • Much simply fitting, with all fittings pre-fitted
  • Mounts to OE tank mount points
  • 30 to 60% lighter than traditional steel tanks

Frontier Long Range Fuel Tanks are manufactured from a UV stabilised, impact resistant cross-linked polymer, with a wall thickness up to 8mm thick.

Frontier Tank


  • Fuel Tanks
  • Uses OE filler
  • Uses OE gauge sender unit – unmodified, connected to original gauge
  • Uses OE pump with no modifications
  • One piece construction, no welds or seams for exceptional impact resistance
  • Rubber coated HD straps provide non-rigid mounting, allowing tank movement within the chassis
  • Exhaust shielded where necessary
  • Pressure tested to confirm seal integrity
  • Roll over valve fitted to the vent to prevent leakage in event of vehicle rollover
  • CNC machined, 8mm thick, zinc plated fuel pump sealing flange – eliminates distortion leakage
  • Quality assured manufacturing in South Australia
  • Complete Kit with high tensile zinc plated nuts, bolts & washers
  • Comprehensive DIY Instructions
  • Experienced Technicians available for fitting
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty


  • They use 2mm aluminised steel for maximum strength and have fully welded internal baffles (not stitch welded)
  • These internal baffles are ‘honey combed’ to allow fuel flow through, rather than fuel ‘slap’ when cornering
  • These are ‘full size internal panels’, hence provide significant structural strength
  • Standard ground clearance is maintained
  • A magnet is located in the fuel coral, a small holding ‘sub-tank’ where fuel is held steady around the pick-up over uneven surfaces and inclines – the magnet providing another level of fuel cleanliness
  • Use OE filler and gauge sender unit, sometimes requiring modification during fitting
  • 3 Year Warranty Unlimited Kms

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