Part Time Conversion

Landcruiser Part Time 4WD Conversion Kit for 80 & 100 Series

Massive Fuel Saving – Smoother Driveability

  • 12 to 15% Fuel Saving*
  • Reduced Backlash, Smoother Driveability
  • Reduced Transmission Noise & Load
  • Lighter Steering, Reduced Tyre Wear
  • Simple Uncomplicated Design & Fit
  • Simple DIY Fit – Detailed Instructions
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty**

*Model Dependent, in combination with Snorkel & Exhaust Replacement
** Off-Road Use Only

The Toyota Landcruiser Full Time 4WD can be converted to Part Time 4WD by fitting a Part Time Conversion Kit. For 80, 100 and 105 Series Landcruiser, fitting the Part Time 4WD Conversion Kit will result in upto 15% Fuel Savings, improved acceleration, reduced driveline backlash and more positive steering. Front driveline component life is considerably extended with less use.

There is no centre diff after the conversion, the centre diff gears are removed. It is these gears that make the front drive parts move ALL the time. The conversion is performed to stop the front parts moving altogether.

After conversion, only the rear drives, until you use the diff lock mechanism/switch in the transfer case to engage the front shaft. (the factory lock mechanism is not inside the centre/transfer case diff, it is right at the front of the transfer case and simply locks the front output shaft to the front half of the centre diff case). Once ‘locked’ the front ‘side gear’ in the centre diff cannot turn, so all the other diff gears are also fixed relative to the case and the two tail-shafts are effectively locked together. We simply use this existing mechanism to get drive through the centre diff case to the front tail-shaft after the conversion.

Saves between 14 -16% fuel useage, limits wear on all front end components – particularly the CV joints, boots and axle flanges, substantially reduces the drive line backlash most noticeable with rapid acceleration followed by deceleration or poor clutch pedal control on manual vehicles. Makes a much smoother more economical vehicle out of all 80, 100 & 105 Series Landcruisers.

Any questions regarding the Part Time 4WD Conversion Kit, other Fuel saving measures or if you’re just after some plain ‘old fashioned’ advice, please call our experienced Team.

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