Solar Panels

When selecting Solar panels, one needs to be mindful that the maximum output is only achieved when the panels are at 90 degrees to, and in, FULL sun.

Any lowering of the angle (as the sun moves), or any cloud cover or shade will have a dramatic impact on output.

RedArc Solar Panels use the advanced German designed and manufactured monocrystalline cell in their panels. Monocrystalline cells are more efficient than the older technology amorphous cells.

Redarc Solar Panels

Other issues to consider are whether to fit fixed panels on the roof of the vehicle – which means parking it in full sun (heating up the interior), poor angles as the sun moves and potential for panel damage when travelling, from overhead obstacles.

Note, Solar Panels are absorbing heat. When solar panels are mounted too close to the roof, the heat from the underside of the panels transfers into the roof lining/interior and the performance of the panel is also reduced.

The alternative is Portable panels which are more convenient – but may not be safe to leave unsecured around a campsite!

We recommend the RedArc 160w fold out panels with 20 amp regulator and wiring kit. We do not recommend anything with smaller capacity.

The regulator features

Multi-stage charging
boost, absorption and float

Multi-level protection
over temperature, over charge and reverse polarity

This set-up requires an Anderson plug to be fitted to the auxiliary battery (that the regulator plugs onto), or an optional Anderson plug to battery cable (with alligator clips) is used to do the connection.

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